Distribution Cycle Event Organisers

A distribution cycle consists of a registration phase, an original and supplementary distributions as well as a closing distribution.

Registration phase

Event organisers basically have a four-year period to register their events (e.g. a concert). From our distribution 2012 onwards, our regular registration phase of four years shall be in effect. The registration phase shall end with the registration deadline prior to which registrations by event organisers must be supplied in order to qualify for a payment of remuneration.

Original and supplementary distribution

After the original distribution, a minimum of two supplementary distributions are regularly scheduled; these cater for newly registered contributions, new parameter calculations or distributions of retroactive user payments. Remuneration paid to our members in the original and supplementary distributions shall be provisional amounts until the end of the registration deadline has come into effect and it is known how many event organisers have registered their claims regarding remuneration from the distribution year.

Closing distribution

The closing distribution takes place once the registration phase is over. Any remuneration held in suspense for the respective distribution year shall then be released for onward payment to all event organisers with existing contribution registrations. The closing distribution ends the distribution cycle.