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Initiative Musik implements several sub-programmes of NEUSTART KULTUR

14. September 2020. 

Good news for creatives: With GVL as its main and founding partner, Initiative Musik is going to implement as many as three sub-programmes as part of the rescue and future programme NEUSTART KULTUR.

The central funding agency of the German government and the music industry will be subsidised with additional funds totalling 117 million Euros by Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture. NEUSTART KULTUR is intended to support the cultural and creative sectors and make the work of performers and cultural life possible again.

Ina Keßler, Managing Director of the Initiative Musik: "A great deal of stamina and creative power is currently expected from musicians. It is fabulous that the German government is so strongly committed to the music sector with NEUSTART KULTUR. With these sub-programmes, we can support many people and companies in the music sector so that they have a perspective and can plan and implement sustainable music projects. “

For the performers’ promotion the Initiative Musik has up to 10 million Euros in additional means at its disposal. The funding conditions were also adapted to the current situation: As a consequence, the productive, artistic creative work and its necessary expenditure can be recognised as eligible for funding. The same applies to pre-production. Furthermore, the share of funding was increased from the original 40 percent to up to 90 percent of the total costs. This means that the performers and authors and their professional partner companies have a 10 percent share in the Neustart Kultur funding rounds and promotion periods. The closing date for applications for the 52nd funding round for the performers’ promotion is 13 October 2020.

In addition, the Initiative Musik implements two further programmes of NEUSTART KULTUR for the German live music sector. The programme aims to preserve the unique musical diversity of concert events of all genres, as these are an essential part of cultural life in Germany. The focus is on maintaining and strengthening the music infrastructure in Germany. These sub-programmes are targeted with up to 80 million Euros to music festivals and live music organisers and with further 27 million Euros to music clubs. The application procedures for these sub-programmes have already started and are expected to continue until 31 October 2020.

GVL has been involved with the Initiative Musik from the very beginning as the main and founding associate and supports the intensive promotion of young talents and venues together with the German Music Council, GEMA and the State Minister for Culture and Media. The funding principles for all NEUSTART KULTUR sub-programmes of the Initiative Musik can be found online at: