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Initial distribution for artists re: sound recordings for 2017 launched

21. December 2018. 

With immediate effect, GVL pays remuneration to its right holders for repeat repertoire for 2017 in the course of its initial distribution for 2017.

This means: Only such contribution registrations will be paid for which GVL already holds verified contribution registrations. These are mainly such registrations which have been used throughout 2010 to 2016. Registrations for used, new repertoire from 2017 are already possible for the sound recordings category. For any additional categories such as TV productions (AV) or radio productions, registrations can unfortunately only be submitted at a later stage. We are going to inform you accordingly at the appropriate time. Please note that there are further broadcast productions which will be added on an ongoing basis.

The pay-outs are initially made for the sound recordings section (TT). According to current plans, remuneration for repeat repertoire for 2017 in the categories TV broadcasts (AV) and music video clips (VC) and subsequent distributions for the years 2013-2016 are going to follow.

From January onwards, you will find your individual detail reports with the pay-out amounts of the initial distribution 2017 on (section “my data” / tab “remuneration”). If you receive a pay-out, you can download your pay-out information there (section “my data” / tab “pay-outs”).

All background information regarding the current distributions and answers to most frequently asked questions can be found on page:

If you have any questions concerning your contributions, and of course the distribution, our member services team is happy to help. Please contact them on +49 30 48483-677 or by e-mail