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GVL Online Seminar: Important information and deadlines regarding the final distribution of sound recordings for producers for the 2016 usage year

17. September 2020. 

In December 2020, GVL is going to run a final distribution for sound recordings to producers for the first time, in line with the new Collecting Societies Act.

In this context, there are deadlines and new processes that you need to observe, since they are supported by the producer portal label.gvl.

In the course of the online seminar, Dirk Löwenberg (Responsible for the rights holder service for producers and event organisers) is going to provide information regarding the most important deadlines and procedures linked to the scheduled final distribution for 2016 to the producers of sound recordings.

Afterwards, there will be sufficient time for individual questions. 

When: 24/09/2020 at 5.00pm

You can register using the following form: Online seminar registration.

We look forward to seeing you!