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  • GVL Board - positions of four members reconfirmed

    The Board positions of GVL Board members Dr. Nils Bortloff, Jörg Glauner, Andreas Klöpfel and Ekkehard Kuhn were confirmed by the associates of GVL at the beginning of the year. The four members represent the interests of producers of sound recordings within the GVL Board and had been appointed for a period up to 31 December 2016.

  • Board decides to award politico-cultural grants for 2016

    GVL continues to consider it as part of its business to promote cultural entities in the framework of its politico-cultural grants in the coming year. Based on the decision taken by the Board, 20 individual projects will be subsidised. They range from classical and contemporary formats via youth and senior citizens' initiatives to new and well established events and prizes alike.

  • GVL pays out remuneration to producers and artists

    GVL has started the process of transferring payments to artists for distribution year 2014, and the subsequent payments for distribution years 2010 - 2013 in mid-December.

  • New GVL information brochure available

    GVL has published its new information brochure under the title "The world is a stage. We support the act".

  • GVL collects private copying remuneration for mobiles and tablets for the first time

    After negotiations spanning several years, collective management organisations gathered under the um-brella of the central collection and distribution organisation for private copying levies in Germany (ZPÜ), amongst them GVL, reached an agreement with the manufacturers and importers represented by BITKOM on the remuneration level for copying levies for mobiles and tablets.

  • New Board Chairman: H R Biere / J-M Vogt joins as new Board member

    At its meeting on 10 November 2015, GVL's Board elected a new chairman: Hans Reinhard Biere takes charge with immediate effect.

  • News update for dubbing actors

    According to the distribution rules of the Austrian collecting society for audio-visual performers, neighbouring rights of dubbing actors are currently not represented. This also applies to GVL members. We are in close contact with our Austrian colleagues in order to reach an agreement on this matter.

  • GVL – in favour of cultural diversity and against violence

    Creativity thrives on diversity. For this reason, GVL considers foreign cultures – not only from an artistic and musical perspective – to be an enrichment. We absolutely condemn the current attacks on institutions for refugees and refugees themselves.

  • GVL grows total income by 8.5% to EUR 163.4m in 2014

    GVL can look back on a successful financial year 2014: Total returns for 2014 amount to EUR 163.4m and are thus EUR 12.9m higher than in the previous year (+ 8.5%).

  • gvl artsys tv online | Video for new functions

    gvl artsys tv is now online: This completely revised area includes all productions that were broadcast on TV. As of now members have access to many product data relating to 2014. Our rights holders may, of course, continue to register their contributions to products from previous years.