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  • Updated distribution timeline for artists

    GVL is going to launch further pay-outs in the coming weeks. We envisage the following timelines for 2019:

  • Initial distribution for artists re: sound recordings for 2017 launched

    With immediate effect, GVL pays remuneration to its right holders for repeat repertoire for 2017 in the course of its initial distribution for 2017.

  • D’Angelico succeeds Richter as a delegate

    Florian Richter has left the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly as a delegate.

  • Producer distribution for 2016 and 2017: Payout launched

    As announced, GVL is currently launching the payout process of the producer distribution for the usage years 2016 (4th distribution run) and 2017 (initial distribution).

  • Payout period postponement: Important information for artists

    GVL regrets having to announce that the distribution which had originally been scheduled for September must be postponed once more. The period during which the payouts will take place is now expected to be in December 2018. For technical reasons, the launch may well be protracted into next year.

  • Fingerprinting technology launched at ARD and ZDF

    The public broadcasting companies have decided to use a service provider to verify the music use in their programmes by way of fingerprinting and therefore to continue to improve the quality of their broadcast usage reports from 2019 on. At GVL, we welcome this technological enhancement in terms of our members.
    What does this mean for you as a producer of sound recordings?

  • Payout period postponement: Information on our distributions

    Due to technical reasons, GVL regrets having to postpone the distributions scheduled for September to October/November. We expect to start carrying out the pay-outs for artists at the end of October / beginning of November. The pay-out for producers is scheduled to take place in November.

  • Extension of the registration deadline for the final distribution 2013 to 10/11/2018

    We decided that we would like to make the option to provide notifications for the distribution year 2013 available once more and to extend the registration deadline for the final distribution 2013 to 10 November 2018.

  • Together for Europe’s creative future and a strong copyright

    Next Wednesday, 12 September 2018, the European Parliament is going to vote on the review of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market After a ballot in July the review which is supported by authors, artists as well as producers, went into a further round of negotiations.

  • Introduction of new GVL-ID as artist, contract resp. customer number

    In the past year GVL has, as part of the system changeover, introduced a unique identification number for all its members and partners - the so-called GVL-ID. Going forwards the GVL-ID will replace the "old GVL-ID" resp. contract number on our correspondence with you, our members (e.g. payout information and detailed reports).